Photo Frames

Picture frames really bring Mitsubishi photos to the fore. Numerous formats, colours and materials are available. If you can't find the right one here, please contact Robbie West. Perhaps he will find a solution in Dörr's complete range.

Prestige Holzrahmen Prestige Holzrahmen 2
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Metal framed wooden frame with passe-partout. Available frame sizes: 20x20 cm, 20x30 cm, 30x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 40x40 cm, 40x50cm, 50x50cm Available passe-partout sizes: 10x10 cm, 10x15 cm, 13x13 cm, 13x18 cm, 15x20 cm, 20x20 cm, 20x30 cm, 30x30 cm, 30x40 cm Available colours: brown with silver border, natural with black border
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