MA-E100R-E Mobile Air Purifier

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Mobile air purifier for commercial use

Recirculating air purifier with HEPA filter for 1 room with 45 - 55 m²

The intelligent functions of the MA-E100R-E offer reliable air purification especially for medical practices, restaurants or classrooms. The i-see sensor detects the presence of people and directs the air flow specifically to the appropriate regions of the room.

PM2.5 sensor

  • PM2.5 detection by high-performance dust sensor.
  • Air volume control by detecting the number of particles from a size of 0.5 μm.

High air purification rate (CADR) of 612 m3/h

  • Cleans the air quickly and easily.
  • Airflow in five directions detects air impurities throughout the room.

The i-see sensor analyses the room and detects the presence of people

  • The i-see sensor divides the monitored area into a grid of 752 fields (8 vertical fields x 94 horizontal fields).
  • Once the i-see sensor has detected a person, the airflow is directed in the corresponding direction.
  • When the start button is pressed, the sensor scans the room at an angle of the room at an angle of 150°. It detects people on the basis of temperature and movement.

Power Supply
220-240 VAC, 50 Hz
13,4 kg
320 x 270 x 800 mm (W x D x H)
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
612 m3/h
Power consumption
Standby 1 W
per step: 7 / 19 / 82 W
Sound pressure level
per step: 22 / 40 / 55 dB(A)
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