CP31W Medizin Farbdrucker

CP 31 W Medical Printer / Photo Printer / Video Printer

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MITSUBISHI CP31W - Videoprinter, Medical Printer, Photo Printer

Perfect colour documentation without side effects
First-class results without any unwanted side effects - the CP31W analog colour printer makes it possible. Its brilliant printouts, characterised by clean lines and sharp details, show no blurring. Thanks to improved cooling, the device works pleasantly quietly and, thanks to its compact design, can be integrated into any system - e.g. an ultrasonic application.

For medical application certified.

Operation of the CP31W is child's play: System instructions are entered via a permanently integrated input panel, the constant search for the remote control is no longer necessary. The ink cassette can easily be replaced from the front and the paper cassette is inserted on rails - the feed is always one hundred percent straight.

The ultra-quiet colour video printer of the new generation can print high-quality colour images in S-size (96x71mm) with 423 DPI from the analogue video signal in only 16 seconds. Input signal sources are VIDEO and S-VIDEO, both PAL and NTSC.


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