The transformation to WestFoto . . .
Why did I end up here?
Because we have merged our two web shops and You are still in a webshop of Otto Sauseng GmbH from Vienna, but offers you much more possibilities for shopping.
Do I have to register again?
Unfortunately, you have to register again the first time, because of course we don't know your password and because there are additional options when you register.
Who is WestFoto?
WestFoto is a trademark of Otto Sauseng GmbH in Vienna. We have decided to develop the WestFoto brand to offer you a special shopping experience around the Mitsubishi printing world.
Where is WestFoto at home?
WestFoto is a trademark of Otto Sauseng GmbH, which is based in Austria. Our exact address: Lienfeldergasse 32, 1160 Vienna.
What are our opening hours?
Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 8 to 17 o'clock and Friday from 8 to 14:30 o'clock. Outside these hours, you can always try to contact us through the Robbie West WhatsApp Chat, and you will usually succeed.


Since it has become too costly in the long run to maintain two different web portals, we have decided to merge our two web shops and

WestFoto, we believe, provides you with the better shopping experience. Here you will find additional payment options, a WhatsApp chat, Trusted Shops buyer protection and cashpresso installment payment.

Any other questions?
We are gladly there for you!

Contact us via the Robbie West WhatsApp Chat or call us. We are mostly 24h personally there for you. Also on weekends or late in the evening.

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